Quality Policy

Quality Policies

 Our Textile Testing Center strives to become the leader in the field of textile materials testing services. We base on below policies:

1.      Ensuring the reliability of test results which are performed by the Textile Testing Center

2.      Resolving customers complaints satisfactorily

3.      Employees are trained with professional knowledge and awareness of the importance of meeting customers’ requirements as well as the law requirements and regulation.

-         Improving equipments in order to ensure the stability of services and satisfy the increasing demands of customers.

4.      Ensuring compliance with ISO 17025:2005.

-         Defining clearly the quality objectives.

-         Continually check and improve management system to increase the efficiency of testing services.

 As the head of the Textile Research Sub-Institute at HCMC, I am committed to provide adequate resources to implement above policies, and require all employees of Textile Testing Center to understand and implement thoroughly