Textile Testing Center (TTC)

Offer reliable testing of textile material, yarn, fabric, apparels, accessories:

- Fiber composition and identification

- Fabric construction analysis

- Eco textile testings: Azo Dyes, formaldehyde, pH value ...

- Physical testings: strength, abrasion, pilling, dimensional stability, waterproof performance

- Colorfastness testings: to xenon light, washing, rubbing, perspiration, water, sea water...

- Testing on accessories: button, zipper, snaps ...

Textile Research Center and Technology Transfer (TRC):

- Carry out research about textile technology, equipment and textile products

- Technology Transfer

- Training, consulting and technical support.

- Calibration of textile equipment

Experimental workshops

Carry out experimental production:

- Garments

- Silk fabrics

- Silk thread

- Silk blankets.